E-safety, the safe and responsible use of technology, is sometimes presented as primarily a child protection issue. While children, young people and vulnerable adults do need support to keep themselves safe online (seeSafeguarding), the risks associated with the use of technology are not confined to them. E-safety issues may also affect adults – for example, the mismanagement of personal data, and risks of financial scams, identity theft and cyberbullying. This will be particularly relevant for those adults who are new to using technology.

Most of us, at some point, use the internet for a range of purposes including social media, online dating, banking and purchasing goods. 

It is essential that we all take care to protect our safety online so complete this questionnaire ( to develop your personalised to do list to help you stay safe online.

There are a range of resources available to develop your understanding of e-safety and the following links will provide further information on this important topic.



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